What can I bring into Canada in terms of food & plant, and related products ?

Travellers and commercial importers are required to properly declare any meats, fruits, vegetables, plants, animals or animal products they bring into the country. This includes end user products made from plant or animal matter.

Before you travel, verify the requirements of what you can bring into Canada by visiting the Food Plant and Animal Web page in conjunction with the information provided on the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) Web page and by referencing the Automated Import Reference System application.

If you bring these products into Canada, you may go through further inspections at the point of entry (that is, border crossings, airports, etc.).We’ll be happy to assist as we are having an experience with a such kind of goods.

Do you have an option to track PARS ?

Yes, you should go on-line https://argocustoms.com/NumberTracking/ insert your PARS number and see the cargo status in real time.

What Agricultural and Dairy Products should have an import permit ?

Live broilers, broiler hatching eggs, chicken, turkey, beef and veal, milk and cream, buttermilk, powdered whey, mixes and doughs, food preparations, ice cream and ice milk, eggs, margarine, cheese, yogurt, butter, dairy spreads, wheat products

How it works when I’m shipping with Canada Post and value is less than CAD 2500 (Low Value Shipment) ?

A postal shipment valued at less than CAN $ 2,500 will be delivered to you by Canada Post. It will include Form E14, CBSA Postal Import Form, indicating the classification, value, and applicable rate of duty and taxes according to the information (invoice) accompanying your shipment. Canada Post will charge you a handling fee for this service.

For shipments that are valued at less than CAN $ 2,500 and forwarded by courier, the courier company may offer to complete the customs documentation on your behalf for a fee.

I’m going to bring a Commercial Hand-Carried Goods (HCG), Please tell me the procedure.

The “Hand-Carried Goods (HCG) Release Process” provides importers and customs brokers with the option of using a Pre-Arrival Review System (PARS, since 2019- SWI-IID) (including Other Government Department (OGD) PARS) or Release on Minimal Documentation (RMD, since 2019-SWI-IID) release option in order to obtain release of commercial goods being transported to Canada by an individual who is not a carrier. The release must take place at the First Point of Arrival in Canada (FPOA).The HCG Release Process is applicable to all modes for qualifying shipments and may be used as an alternative release option to submitting a paper Form B3-3 Canada Customs Coding Form. In bond shipments are not eligible for the HCG Release Process.An example of how the HCG CCN would look for a shipment being imported in the highway mode is shown below: