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Customs Broker Vancouver

Our customs brokers professionals provide a complete range of services to ensure that your cargo is in total compliance with all applicable Canadian Customs regulations.

For commercial and personal importations. 24/7 PARS monitoring. Vehicles from US and overseas. 72 hours prior notice for vehicles importations to CBP (US Customs).

Vancouver ARGO Customs Brokers service:
  • Tariff Classification Analysts can assist you with Harmonized Tariff Classification. Properly classified goods which meet all applicable requirements at the time of import allow you to benefit from the lowest possible rates of duty through all available means of tariff exemption and reduction.
  • The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) Management Services. Our consultants provide expert analysis and guidance in the qualification of your products, the proper preparation for NAFTA certifications.
  • Refunds. We can identify potential refunds and duty recovery for you.
  • Freight Forwarding Consulting provides efficient and reliable transportation solutions to and from Canada, the United States, Mexico and overseas. Local delivery available.

Please contact ARGO CB in Vancouver:

Contact ARGO Vancouver brokers:
  • Toll-Free 1 (888) 311-8303
  • Vancouver (250) 980-3727
  • Fax (888) 411-6034
  • Email: info@argocustoms.com
Office locations
6840 Donald Road,
Richmond, BC, Canada V7C 2Y9

Before Importing or Exporting Commercial Goods into Canada you have to obtain your Import/Export Business Number from the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA).
For an import-export (RM) account:

Call 1-800-959-5525 or Use Business Registration Online (BRO)

Will be the same as your BN with extension RM0001.
Sample: 123456789RM0001