Mattress Innerspring Units from China, pls advise the rate of duty ?

ARGO Canadian Customs Brokers: CertainCertain Mattress Innerspring Units Originating In or Exported From the People’s Republic of ChinaOriginating In or Exported From the People’s Republic of China. The SIMA duty is applied as a result of the finding of the Canadian International Trade Tribunal (CITT). HS Tariff codes:


anti-dumping duty is equal to 170% of the export price, plus a regular duty (when applicable).

What is a Gifts Remission Order ?

ARGO Canadian Customs Brokers:

certain representational gifts qualify for customsduty-freeentry, GSTand excise tax relief, and customs duties relief.

The customs duty relief is provided by tariff item 9833.00.00 of the schedule to the Customs Tariff.

Can I import cells/batteries to Canada ?

ARGO Canadian Customs Brokers: yes you can. For example if Lithium batteries, regular duty is 7% (for some countries having Certificate of Origin and direct shipping) could be less (GPT TT 09-5%, for LDCT, CCCT-free. If you want to ship by Air, please talk to your Air Line first, as they may have some requirements regarding the safety certificates.

Personal duty & Tax exemption – pls advise.

ARGO Toronto Customs Brokers:When you return to Canada, you may qualify for a personal exemption.The length of your absence from Canada determines the amount of goods you can bring back, without paying any duties.

You are eligible for a personal exemption if you are one of the following:

  • A Canadian resident returning from a trip outside Canada.
  • A former resident of Canada returning to live in this country.
  • A temporary resident of Canada returning from a trip outside Canada.

Please ask ARGO Canadian Customs Brokers for more details.

ARGO Customs Brokers: Importing by Mail

ARGO Calgary Customs Brokers:For an item to qualify as a “gift”, a friend or relative must send it to you personally and include a card or other notice indicating that it is a gift.

  • If you receive an imported gift by mail that isworth CAN$60 or less, you will not have to pay duty or tax on it.
  • If the gift is worth more than CAN$60, you will have to pay any applicable duty and taxes on any amount over CAN$60.

    For example, if a relative sends you a gift worth CAN$200, you must pay any applicable duty, GST or HST and PST on CAN$140.

Items that do not qualify for the CAN$60 gift exemption include the following:

  • tobacco;
  • alcoholic beverages;
  • advertising material; and
  • items sent by a business.

As well, the CAN$60 gift exemption cannot be combined with the CAN$20 exemption that is available on most items valued at CAN$20 or less.