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Customs Broker Ottawa

Full Customs Clearance in Ottawa

ARGO Customs Brokers in Ottawa provide full Customs Clearance, commercial and personal importations:

  • Commercial importations any type of goods.
  • Personal importations.
  • 24h PARS monitoring
  • Tariff codes consultations and CBSA regulations explanations.
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661 Odyssey Way, Ottawa, Ontario, K1T 0T3

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    Utilize Your Customs Brokers in Ottawa to the Fullest

    For your business’s needs, you’ll want to work with a customs broker such as Argo Customs. In Canada, the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) works to enhance government policies and procedures and provides consistent delivery of products and services.

    Indeed, the Canada Border Services Agency licences all customs brokers. As such, a business like yours must authorise a customs broker to act on its behalf. A licenced customs broker’s role is to facilitate the clearance of shipments at the border, as well shipments that arrive in-bond or landed.

    How to choose the best customs brokers in Ottawa for your business

    Importers/exporters and businesses like yours are discovering that this work is only a portion of the plethora of services offered by customs brokers. Customs brokers assist importers and exporters through their extensive knowledge of rules and regulations. Customs brokers provide a range of specialized services to importers and exporters seeking to expand their businesses.

    We are customs clearance international shipments specialists

    As a top customs brokers Ottawa firm, we follow Canadian Customs clearance processes through the use of cutting-edge customs software solutions and have developed a reputation for being procedural experts with all government departments and agencies.

    Argo Customs is a leading customs broker in Ottawa

    We customise our brokerage services to meet the unique needs and requirements of each customer. We want to be able to provide our customers with the finest possible service and to ensure they receive exactly what they need from us. Additionally, we offer a chat line on our website. Our priority is customer service!

    We welcome your customs clearance inquiries. Please contact us at any time for additional information, to schedule an evaluation, or to obtain a quotation on certain shipments.