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Customs Broker Toronto

Commercial Shipments

With ARGO Customs broker, your goods will cross borders seamlessly. We will manage all customs work on time and on budget. We see every shipment as urgent.

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Personal Shipments

ARGO Customs broker makes it easy for individuals to ship into or out of Canada making the process quick and saving you on customs broker fees.

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About ARGO Customs

ARGO Business Corp. ( Argo Customs Brokers) Canadian Customs Brokers provide quick and reliable customs clearance services in Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary and Edmonton, Canada. We help with customs clearance anywhere in Canada, both for personal and commercial shipments.

Our specialists can help you exchange shipments with any country on any form of transportation, saving you a great deal of time, troubles and resources.

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Can I have some Abatement of Customs Duties for my perishable goods or brittle goods ?

The abatement of duties on imported goods that have suffered damage, deterioration or destruction or a loss in volume or weight (Regulations), importers/owners who are of the opinion that goods have suffered damage, deterioration or destruction from the time of shipment to Canada to the time of release from the Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA) must:

  • 1 – in the case of perishable goods or brittle goods, provide to the CBSA a written statement from a qualified appraiser, which clearly outlines the extent of the damage, deterioration or destruction. The statement must fully outline the amount or percentage of loss in relation to the value of the goods imported.
  • 2 – in the case of sugar or any saccharine product, which has suffered damage or deterioration from salt water, a test will be conducted by an officer of the Science and Engineering Directorate of the CBSA to provide the certification referred to in-paragraph 3(1)(b)(ii) of the Regulations.
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Certain Concrete Reinforcing Bar.

On December 9, 2019, the Canadian International Trade Tribunal (CITT), pursuant to subsection 76.03(3) of the Special Import Measures Act (SIMA), initiated an expiry review of its finding made on January 9, 2015, in Inquiry No. NQ-2014-001, concerning the dumping of hot-rolled deformed steel concrete reinforcing bar in straight lengths or coils, commonly identified as […]

Before Importing or Exporting Commercial Goods into Canada you have to obtain your Import/Export Business Number from the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA).
For an import-export (RM) account:

Call 1-800-959-5525 or Use Business Registration Online (BRO)

Will be the same as your BN with extension RM0001.
Sample: 123456789RM0001