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Customs Broker Toronto

Commercial Shipments

With ARGO Customs broker, your goods will cross borders seamlessly. We will manage all customs work on time and on budget. We see every shipment as urgent.

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Personal Shipments

ARGO Customs broker makes it easy for individuals to ship into or out of Canada making the process quick and saving you on customs broker fees.

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About ARGO Customs

ARGO Business Corp. ( Argo Customs Brokers) Canadian Customs Brokers provide quick and reliable customs clearance services in Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary and Edmonton, Canada. We help with customs clearance anywhere in Canada, both for personal and commercial shipments.

Our specialists can help you exchange shipments with any country on any form of transportation, saving you a great deal of time, troubles and resources.

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What are the wood packaging material (WPM) import requirements?

ARGO Vancouver Customs Brokers: in Canada, all non-manufactured WPM used in international trade must be compliant with ISPM 15. It is prohibited to import or move untreated, non-manufactured WPM into or through Canada, unless it originates from the continental U.S.

Both the shipment and the WPM will be removed from Canada. If compliant WPM is mixed with non-compliant WPM, the entire shipment will be deemed non-compliant and will be refused entry into Canada. Importers will not be allowed to remove the non-compliant WPM and repack the goods within Canada.

Please ask our Customs Broker if you need more information.

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