Brokers in Vancouver to Help You Import Personal and Commercial Vehicles and Yachts into Canada

Canada strictly controls the importation of overseas vehicles. This is to ensure that vehicles from within NAFTA are given the proper treatment. ARGO Customs are experienced with importing various trucks, automobiles, motorcycles, yachts, motor boats and other various vehicles. ARGO Customs are ready to assist both personal and commercial clients.

Importing Personal and Commercial Vehicles and Yachts

Before a vehicle and yachtsare admitted into Canada, it is checked for proper admissibility. Admissibility determines the customs duty, if any, that will be applied to it. For any vehicle, yachtor car, its origination determines admissibility.

For example: 8903 is the designation for yachts and vessels for pleasure or sports.

  • 8903.10.00.00 NMB denotes inflatable rafts.
  • 8903.10.91.00 NMB denotes sailboats.
  • 8903.92.00 is for motor boats.  

The designations go on and on. Normally these vessels would be subjected to a 9.5% customs duty. However, any vessel or vehicle that originated from a NAFTA country will be duty free. These vessels or vehicles must carry a NAFTA Certificate of Origination.

The rate that your vessels or vehicles could be subjected to depends upon their country of origin. It could be 0%, 5% or 9.5%. ARGO Customs have in-depth experience working with a variety of vehicles from many different countries. ARGO Customs can ensure that your products move as efficiently as possible through customs clearance.

Do you frequently travel between Canada and the United States via the Vancouver port on a small private yacht or pleasure boat? Then you may want to apply for a CANPASS. CANPASS is a suite of programs designed to speed up border crossings for frequent, low-risk travelers. The CANPASS – Private Boats is valid for five years.

You must meet the following criteria:

  • You must be a citizen or permanent resident of the United States or Canada;
  • You must have lived in the United States or Canada for the past three years;
  • You cannot have any criminal convictions;
  • You must be eligible for admission into Canada;
  • You cannot have had any customs seizures in the past five years; and
  • You are not in violation of any customs or immigration laws.

ARGO Customs

ARGO Customs is prepared to assist you with personal and commercial vehicles, yachtsand vessels coming into the Vancouver port. We have experience importing personal and commercial vehicles into Canada.

Our professionals can help you exchange shipments with any country of your choice, on any form of transportation, saving you a great deal of time and resources.

Contact an ARGO Customs Vancouver import broker today.