Vancouver Customs Brokers ARGO Customs Offers Services for Fish and Seafood Products

Vancouver, British Columbia â€“ August 11, 2015 – Vancouver customs brokers ARGO Customs are now offering their services for fish and seafood products. The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) monitors the importation and exportation of these specific products to ensure that they are of acceptable quality and safety and a customs broker is a great way to ensure compliance with these standards.

The only instance where the CFIA will no ask for a permit for importation is for 10 dead fish that are not eviscerated, 4 crustaceans with their heads and shells on, or 3 kilograms of molluscs. Any higher numbers of these species or any number of live finfish species will require an import permit. The only species prohibited in any numbers are pufferfish and Chinese mitten crabs.

When it comes to exporting, the CFIA works closely with the Fish, Seafood and Production Division (FSPD), which is responsible for facilitating access to international fish and seafood markets and negotiating trade agreements. Due to the changing nature of these agreements and regulations, utilizing Calgary customs broker services to aid you through the process is ideal.

For those looking for reliable Vancouver customs brokers for their fish and seafood products, ARGO Customs can provide you with services and guidance to ensure that each product you are importing or exporting will comply with the regulations set by the CFIA and FSPD. For more information or further questions, give them a call at 1 (888) 311-8303.

About ARGO Customs

ARGO Customs provides Toronto, Vancouver and Calgary customs brokers to ensure that Canadian residents have an easy and reliable way to get their products across the border without hassle. Not only do they have a wide range of experience, they offer shipping straight to your door.