Vancouver Customs Brokers ARGO Customs Offer Temporary Conveyances and Baggage Importations into Canada for Non-Residents

Vancouver, British Columbia – October 6, 2015 – Vancouver customs brokers ARGO Customs are offering temporary importation services for conveyances and baggage imported by individuals who are not residents of Canada that plan to use the items in Canada. They can help you achieve this by following the regulations listed under Tariff Item No. 9803.00.00 and utilizing the expertise of their Toronto customs brokers to ensure that your items get to you.

Some of the regulations listed under Tariff Item No. 9803.00.00 include the conditions under which goods or conveyances may be imported as well as limits to the quantity of any class of goods that may be imported and limits to the length of time that the imported goods or conveyances may remain in Canada.

Individuals who are not residents of Canada may import baggage or conveyances under Tariff Item No. 9803.00.00 only if the baggage or conveyances are not used by a resident and, in the case of conveyances, they are not used in Canada for moving passengers or goods for compensation or for transporting goods for sale, or soliciting sales or subscriptions on behalf of the Canadian office of a business or on behalf of a business based in Canada.

In regards to the items remaining in Canada, imported baggage and conveyances classified under tariff item No. 9803.00.00 may only do so when they are imported by a visitor, until the expiration of the date that the visitor has declared, under subparagraph 3(e)(i) or (ii), the visitor intends to leave Canada, or 12 months after the date of importation.

For non-residents looking for reliable Vancouver customs brokers to help them import temporary conveyances and baggage into Canada, ARGO Customs can help you get through the process with as little stress as possible. For more information or further questions, give them a call at 1 (888) 311-8303.

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