Vancouver Customs Broker ARGO Business Corp. Explain How to Import Aquarium Fish Into Canada

The many rare and exotic fish outside Canadian waters are often brought into the country by collectors as well as those with in-home aquariums. But this process is not necessarily simple to complete and requires a comprehensive understanding regarding the latest aquarium fish import legislation. To help importers understand this process and complete the import work seamlessly, experts such as Vancouver-based customs broker ARGO Business Corp. are often required. And within this post, they’ll provide a basic guide on how to legally and safely import aquarium fish into Canada.

The Declaration of Ownership

The first stage in bringing aquatic fish into Canada is to complete a formal declaration of ownership, which highlights the reason for bringing the fish across the border and shows that the owner has gone through the proper processes to ensure they comply with all legislation. One of the reasons many choose to work with a Vancouver customs broker during this process is that it can help streamline the documentation work. The individual may miss an item on the declaration of ownership that could lead to a legal penalty at a later data, whereas specialist customs brokers understand the process and have experience with all documentation.

Follow the Rules Regarding Import Permits

It’s important to understand the various laws regarding import permits for live susceptible species of finfish, such as Danio rerio and Carassius auratus. There are various pet aquatic animal exemptions for the import of aquatic fish, but, in cases where these exemptions are not met, an import permit will be required. Only by working with a trusted Vancouver customs broker, can importers gain an understanding on exemptions in regards to the latest legislation. Brokers can help importers reduce their costs and bring their fish into Canada in an expedited manner. Follow the CITES Legislation

The CITES (Convention on International Trade of Endangered Species) legislation imposes strict limits on the species of fish allowed into the country. It’s important for importers to know whether the fish they are bringing into the country is an endangered species under the current laws, as this could legally prevent them from importing the animal into the country. The Canadian Wildlife Service is able to provide full information on endangered species and the permits required to bring them into the country.

By working with a recognized customs broker, Vancouver importers can reduce both the time and the cost of importing aquatic fish into Canada. To discuss this process with a specialist, contact the team at ARGO Business Corp. directly via 1 (888) 311-8303 or visit