Vancouver-based ARGO Business Corp. Offering Their Experience as Customs Brokers for NRCAN-Regulated Goods

Vancouver customs brokers, ARGO Business Corp. are now offering expert brokerage guidance for those importing NRCAN-regulated products. The company’s experts can help clients consolidate the time it takes to complete the import process as well as help business owners understand their responsibilities under the latest NRCAN regulations.

NRCAN (Natural Resources Canada) governs the transport of energy-using products, and any company importing energy-using products into the country must abide by strict import laws on products such as freezers, gas boilers and clothes dryers. This type of equipment requires special approval to import into the country and only by working within experienced customs brokers such as Vancouver-based ARGO Business Corp. can importers ensure the safe and timely arrive of their products.

ARGO Business Corp. has comprehensive experience in working within the latest NRCAN regulations. They can help clients understand the documents required to take products across the border and can oversee the entire process to ensure any import issues are mitigated. The company will help complete energy efficiency documents and customs release forms to ensure all obligations are met. The team at ARGO Business Corp. also works directly with customs officials to ensure their clients products arrive safely in Canada according to the latest laws regarding energy-using products.

It’s a streamlined process to ensure safe entry of energy-using products into Canada.