The Mexico Steel Goods Remission Order came into effect on February 2, 2019.

Effective Feb. 2, Mexican energy tubular products (such as those used to build pipelines) and wire rod shipments will no longer cost an extra 25 per cent under Canada’s emergency ‘safeguard’ measures.

Steel (some particular goods & HS codes related to) from other countries that don’t have free trade agreements with Canada will continue to face the extra tax.

• Heavy plate
• Concrete reinforcing bar
• Energy tubular products
• Hot-rolled sheet
• Pre-painted steel
• Stainless steel wire
• Wire rod

These are imported from all countries except for the exclusions listed below:

a) goods originating in Canada.
b) goods originating in and imported from the U.S., Chile, and Israel or another CIFTA beneficiary.
c) goods, specifically heavy plate, concrete reinforcing bar, hot-rolled sheet, pre-painted steel and stainless-steel wire, originating in and imported from Mexico.

Customs Clearance and Importing into Canada

Please ask ARGO Customs Brokers when you are planning to import a such kind of goods. We’ll be happy to assist.