The Benefits of Choosing ARGO Business Corp for Commercial Food Imports

For organizations importing food into Canada, it’s important to work with a trusted customs specialist to help streamline documentation and product handling processes. One of the challenges for businesses importing food products into the country is that customs regulations continue to evolve.

With many years of experience in Canadian customs brokerage marketplace as their foundation, ARGO Business Corp. can help organizations swiftly and safely bring their food products in the country. Here are a few of the many advantages of selecting ARGO Business Corp. for all food shipment requirements.

ARGO Business Corp. will ensure all Documentation is Completed Professionally

There are strict regulations governing the importation of fresh produce, dry and bulk food products and it’s imperative that companies follow these regulations closely to avoid possible legal penalties. The team at ARGO Business Corp. can assist you to ensure all the requirements of the CFIA (Canadian Food Inspection Agency) are met.

ARGO Business Corp. Will Act as a Specialist on the Company’s Behalf

ARGO Business Corp. has a great depth of experience within the importation field. They understand the challenges that companies face in working with border officials and the country’s various food standards agencies, and can act as a representative of the client during the import process.

ARGO Business Corp. can Help Companies Achieve the Lowest Duty Costs

With the large amount of documentation required to import fresh produce and dry food products into Canada, it can be challenging for companies to closely analyze and classify the tariff placed on their goods. The experts at ARGO Business Corp. work with clientele to capitalize upon all available means of tariff exemption and reduction. It’s a process that can reduce business expenditure significantly over many shipments!

ARGO Business Corp. Can Reduce Time-To-Market for Food Products

An important consideration in importing any fresh produce and dry food product is the amount of time the product spends in transit. By working with a specialist such as ARGO Business Corp., companies can streamline the entire import process. ARGO Business Corp. can prevent shipments being held up for hours at the border. Their specialists work directly with border officials to ensure safe and effective delivery of food products across the border, resolving any problems that might arise during the customs process. It’s a dynamic customs brokerage service for food importers to all Canadian ports of entry.