The Basics of the New Ukraine Free Trade Agreement for Canadian Importers

After six rounds of negotiations over six years, Canada and Ukraine entered into a Free Trade Agreement that drastically alters how Canadian importers can bring goods into the country. Argo Customs helps explain what this new agreement means for importers.

A Time Line of this Historic Event

The Ukraine Free Trade Agreement for Canadian Importers was first drafted in 2010, but it took several rounds of negotiations before the text was approved in 2015. A year later in July of 2016, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau signed the agreement during his first official visit to Kyiv, Ukraine. The Canada-Ukraine Free Trade Agreement was officially implemented on August 1st of 2017. 

Customs Free Access to the Canadian Market

          While the Free Trade Agreement outlines several aspects of importation into Canada from Ukraine, the greatest policy change involves the free access to the majority of the Canadian market. Most goods are now duty-free, with a few exceptions, particularly agricultural products.

        Other goods will experience a gradual reduction in duties over the course of the next few years. The experienced brokers at Argo Customs are happy to help clarify which goods are included in the new Free Trade Agreement.

Proof of Origin is required for Goods to be Eligible

Proof of origin also called the Origin Declaration, is required in order for goods from Ukraine to be eligible for the reduced duties. This declaration, completed by the Ukraine exporter, should be included on either the invoice or other documents where the product is described for identification. Annex 3-B of Chapter 3 includes the declaration statement in several languages. 

Where to Find Additional Information

The complete Ukraine Free Trade Agreement for Canadian Importers can be found on the Canadian Government website and consists of more than 800 pages of information on what is included, excluded, and how to comply with the agreement’s requirements. Or you may contact the Brokers at Argo Customs for information as it relates to the goods you wish to import.

The Experienced Brokers at Argo Customs

·         By necessity, the Ukraine Free Trade Agreement for Canadian Importers contains detailed technical information regarding the importation of goods and resulting duties or lack thereof. The brokers at Argo Customs have extensive experience on both sides of the Canada and Ukraine International Trade and Customs Clearance requirements.


·         They have reviewed the new agreement and using their experiences they are able to help importers navigate the new requirements to qualify for the reduced fees. 

Argo Customs have offices both in Ukraine and Canada to help the clients.  For more information and to learn how Agro Customs can help with the importation of your goods into Canada, please sign up for a business account online or contact Agro Customs for a free consultation.