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Some of the great things people say about Argo 

Tires Retailer
Toronto, Canada
Lada McAleer
Business Intelligence, PM at Alba Group
Calgary, Canada
Mark,DHS America
Your cooperation was amazing and I was really surprised with the timely actions taken by you. Whether it was a release, delivery, payment or warehouse matter - you were on top. I was under the impression that you were the owner of the company because of your extreme enthusiasm and great customer support. If not, your company is very lucky to have you.

I will be doing business again.
Fazal Azeem,1674963 Ontario Inc.
Working with Argo Business Corp. has been a great experience. Customer service was prompt and effective. Properly prepared documents and ability to foresee the outcome has saved us time and money from shipment to shipment. Our company's revenue depends on import and it is vital for us to work with a broker who can get the things done. Thank you and looking forward to doing business together for years to come.
Customs Broker Services
Date published: 06/06/2013
5 / 5 stars
Thank you for helping me understand importing and exporting procedures.
I received the shipment on-time and I am extremely happy with the service. I will be sure to pass along the excellent service and pleasant experience I had with your company. Your customer support is first rate.
Customs Broker Services
Date published: 06/06/2013
5 / 5 stars
ARGO BUSINESS CORP was the only company that took on our extraordinary order. We were guided and helped by ARGO through the entire process of importing goods to Canada.

They provided very personal, and most importantly, prompt services. We know we don't have to worry about Customs issues any more. Great job!
Alexander Knopov, Knopov Design Inc
I received the shipment on-time and am extremely happy with the service.

I will be sure to pass along the excellent service and pleasant experience I had with your company.

Thank you so much for your assistance.
Mikhail Apanovskiy, Instant View Inc
We are totally impressed with the efficiency of your services, Irene. Your ability to draw everyone in via email is great and your timely responsiveness is to be commended. Your expertise makes the whole process of customs clearing a simple and trouble-free procedure. We highly recommend you to anyone who needs his goods cleared, with no questions left.

You are a great partner in our business endeavours.
Miroslav Tkachenko, Globe Express Services (Overseas Group)
I would recommend Irena for any custom related needs.
I often relied on Irena on all customer related issues. Her creativity, resourcefulness, and ability to see a project through really made me confident in a successful completion of my issue.
She was an effective communicator and her ability to work collaboratively was outstanding.
Irena's sensitivity, diligence, energy and sense of humor made working with her a joy. I highly recommend her.
Ruslan Cebotari, Financial Analyst at Sealtech Restorations Ltd.
Highly recommend Irena for her reliability and professionalism skills.
Patrick Perrin, Owner, PPI Freight Services.
Irena is a high-qualified and experienced professional. Along with that she proved to be a talented entrepreneur. What I noticed while working with her on behalf of ventureLAB, she is able to set clear objectives and achieve them. Irena initiated the development of a software tool for customs brokerage firms and importers, which was completed and eventually was recognized by the Canadian Border Agency. It is a great achievement which was a result of Irena's perseverance and aspiration to innovations. She is very responsive while providing services to your clients. Given all above-mentioned I strongly recommend to choose Irena and her company to get services aimed at customs clearance.
Oleg Amurjuev, Founder/Manager at AOCS
Irena was a pleasure to work with. She was very responsive, efficient, patient and helpful. She also went out of her way to recommend other service providers and to follow up with them. I don't hesitate in recommending her.
Sean Nakamoto, General Partner at Mohawk Medical Growth Partners
Irena has time and time again been a wonderful source of information and paid great attention to detail. I would not hesitate to use Irena services in the future, should that be an option.
Jamie Pinfold, Agent at Century 21 Bamber realty
I worked with Irena on a side project (not related to the company where I worked at that time) where we had to import a unique cargo into Canada which involved dealing with US Fish and Wildlife and Environment Canada departments and plenty of logistics. Irena stayed on top of things throughout the entire process and was always very helpful, including organizing other parties involved in the transaction and resolving issues and questions that were coming up (they did since this was a new experience for all of us, but all were very well addressed). She always communicated right information and in a timely manner. Basically, her involvement was a dominant factor in the success of the endeavor. I would do business with Irena again and could recommend her services to anyone.
Stanislav Shmakov, Project Manager/Business Analyst at MatchPoint/TutorDoctor

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