Register your business on the CARM Client Portal (the portal) before May 2024.

By May 2024, all Canadian-resident and non-resident businesses that import goods into Canada and their Trade Chain Partners need to register on the Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA) CARM Client Portal.

Moreover, if you use the service of a customs broker you must provide delegation of authority to continue to allow them to transact business on your behalf on the CARM Client Portal.

Businesses that do not register will have challenges with the importing process, and getting their goods customs cleared when they enter Canada.

For any ARGO Business Corp- ARGO Customs customers not registered, this means having their shipment:

– held at the Canadian border or the location that it is bonded to
– charged for demurrage/storage and warehousing fees
– delaying all transborder rail and intermodal movement

The CBSA will receive financial security information electronically via an application programming interface. You should:

get familiar with publicly available application program interfaces that allow the trade community to transact with the CBSA by emailing:
set up your application programing interface solution with the CBSA prior to Release 2 in order to send bond information to the CBSA
register with the CBSA and acquire a program identifier (RM) number through the portal to be designated issuer of electronic financial security