Reduce Costs for Importing Goods into Canada with ARGO Customs Brokers

Toronto, ON-based ARGO Customs Brokers helps clients across the country save on importing goods through customs into Canada. One area in which the company specializes is in helping clients reduce the cost and time involved in obtaining their import permit with the DFAIT (Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade). ARGO Customs Brokers can help clients apply for their permit, completing all documentation and submitting the entry to the CSBA. When you have a quota regulated goods with Export Import Control Bureau we can apply for permits.

Understanding The CSBA

The CSBA and the Canadian federal government places specific limits on the import on a range of foods. Controlled goods must be imported into the control only by those who have an import permit with DFAIT.

This process of applying for the permit and answering questions regarding the goods can take some time. ARGO Customs Brokers are experts in importing goods to Canada and can help all clients manage their quotes and ensure they operate within the confines of the law.

About ARGO Customs Brokers

The team at ARGO Customs Brokers can answer each of your questions about the importing of controlled products and can work with you and the CSBA to ensure any issues are cleared up and that the import process is completed seamlessly. To discover more about the many benefits of working with ARGO Customs Brokers, contact their team today at 1 647-832-7433 or visit their business website at