Prepared Meat Products

Calgary ARGO Customs Brokers:  Samples shall be selected from the staged lot following the
cursory/visual inspection of the lot regardless of the results of the
cursory this inspection.

In addition to the sample unit selection and handling procedures specified in Annex P,
the following procedures apply for this product category. Once the
sample for inspection has been selected, it should be presented for
inspection as follows:

  1. chilled and frozen cooked meat products shall be handled in a sanitary manner so as to preclude contamination of any product;
  2. equipment (tables, saws, scales, shelving units, wash basins, etc.) will be cleaned and sanitized before use on each lot;
  3. the establishment shall relocate the sample units selected for presentation from the staging area to a designated room;
  4. the establishment shall remove sufficient random sub-sample units as
    determined by the inspector from their shipping containers and present
    the sub-sample units on tables for inspection;
  5. the sub-sample units shall be displayed on the examination tables in
    such a manner that they retain their sample carton number identity;
  6. if defrosting in water the defrosting tank shall be drained and sanitized before it is used to thaw frozen cooked meat.