Overcome Surtax Issues with Canada Customs and Importing Experts ARGO Customs Brokers

August 8, 2018 – Toronto, ON-based ARGO Customs Brokers are now helping clients in Canada navigate the process of determining surtax on their importing products. Surtaxes have recently been imposed on certain products originating in the United States and the team at ARGO Customs Brokers have great experience in surtax HS codes and calculations. Clients can contact the company’s Toronto head office directly at 1 647-832-7433 to discuss their surtax payments. Please contact Argo Customs before the shipment arrives so we can instruct you on the payment you will need to do afterwards.

Since July 1st 2018 Canada first implemented the surtax charges, many products have become more expensive for Canadian companies and importers to bring into the country. For example, high-nickel alloy steel bars are now subject to a 25% surtax duty. These duties are placing a strain on the finances of many business owners and private individuals across the country. To help ensure they’re not overpaying on their import duties, Canadians can now turn to ARGO Customs Brokers.

Customs Importing into Canada

ARGO Customs Brokers can help Canada-based clients importing products from the United States to expertly calculate their surtax. They can help to identify the products on which a surtax is applied and communicate with border agencies about the total duties placed for a particular transaction. It’s important to learn more about the new surtaxes to limit potential legal challenges in the future.

About ARGO Customs Brokers

To learn more about the surtaxes, speak with the team at ARGO Customs Brokers today via 1 647-832-7433 or visit their business website today at www.argocustoms.com.