Our Import Brokers Help Clients Bring Food into Canada

Bringing food products into Canada from another country can be a challenging process. This is particularly true for growing companies that might be new to the food production and food import industry. There are multiple regulations to consider and standards by which to abide in order to safeguard a position as a Canadian importer of food. And working with our import brokers, companies in Canada can now ensure they’re in compliance with the latest regulations. In this post, we’ll explore the processes for exporting food overseas and importing it into Canada.


In January of 2017, the CFIA (Canadian Food Inspection Agency) introduced their My CFIA app. The tool allows industries who have enrolled with the CFIA to conduct their business online and through online transactions. The goal of the tool is to streamline the import and export of food products overseas. The most recent update to the My CFIA application means companies can now request permissions for licenses, permits and export certificates, all online. While this update has made the process for setting up food importing and exporting businesses easier, there are still many regulations to consider. That’s why many companies in Canada now partner with our import brokers.

How Argo Business Corporation Can Help

As a company with decades of experience in the importing and exporting fields, Argo Business Corporation and our team can help clients understand the challenges within the food services marketplace and to ensure their business remains viable in light of the latest regulations.

We work with companies to help their team establish the ideal framework and processing strategies for their products. If they wish to import products to Canada, for example, we can help provide a guide on the latest labeling standards and on the sanitary standards expected within the industry. For exporters, we can help to navigate the complex standards regarding products such as dairy, seafood, and fresh fruit. Each of these products requires exporters to prove specific standards within their facilities and their wider business. Working with ARGO Customs, companies can ensure they’re following the required protocols and maximize the value of their organization and its products.

Within the food production marketplace, commitment to the latest regulations is the foundation to long-term success as a Canadian business. Our experts at Argo Business Corporation do all the work for you in managing your import and export processes and supporting your organization in navigating the complex regulatory environment. To discover more on your business options, contact our expert team today.