Notification Regarding the CARM Cutover Period

We have been receiving inquiries about the CARM cutover period. We know that there will be a period of time when customs brokers and importers will not be able to transmit CADEX transactions to the CBSA. This cutover period is expected to last 13-17 calendar days (to be confirmed), and when it is over, the accounting data that was held by customs brokers or importers during that period will need to be submitted as a CAD to the CBSA.

The transmission date is expected to be on or around May 13, 2024. The CBSA has advised that late accounting penalties will be waived during the cutover period.

Please note that, during the cutover period, shipments will be released as usual with the possible exception of a scheduled maintenance outage on a weekend to allow for updates to the ACROSS system. The timing and duration of any shutdown to release systems will be communicated as soon as known, as well as through the normal channels for outages.

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