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World Customs Organization welcomes ARGO Customs

Since September 5, 2013 ARGO Customs became a member of WCO’s LinkedIn Group: “The Secretary General of the World Customs Organization would like to thank you for joining the WCO’s LinkedIn Group. The group will be used to share WCO News and information about the upcoming activities of the WCO. Thank you for your consideration, […]

Vehicles transported back to Canada from the U.S. by commercial carrier

If you decide to arrange for the transportation of your vehicle, you will need to locate a carrier company to transport your vehicle into Canada for you. The carrier who is transporting your vehicle must report all goods on board to the CBSA in writing. This includes reporting specific information about the vehicle being transported […]

Anti-dumping and Countervailing

CERTAIN CERTAIN STRUCTURAL TUBING ORIGINATING IN OR EXPORTED FROM THE REPUBLIC OF KOREA, THE REPUBLIC OF SOUTH AFRICA, AND THE REPUBLIC OF TURKEY DECISION On August 8, 2013, pursuant to paragraph 76.03(7)(a) of the Special Import Measures Act, the President of the Canada Border Services Agency determined that the expiry of the order issued by […]

How do you get a BN import/export account

You can register for a business number, or add an import/export account to an existing business number, by calling 1-800-959-5525. You may also obtain a business number by registering on-line at or by completing Form RC1, Request for a Business Number (BN). Send the completed form to your nearest tax services office listed under […]

Single Window Initiative – Integrated Import Declaration

CBSA has provided an updated version of the Single Window Initiative (SWI) Integrated Import Declaration (IID). The IID is the new electronic message that CBSA has developed to allow the submission of information that meets CBSA requirements, as well as the requirements of participating government agencies (PGAs) which also regulate the commercial importation of certain […]

Ambassador Bridge tolls set to rise to $5 each way

It will soon cost more to cross the Ambassador Bridge… Starting Thursday, the toll for cars, vans, motorcycles and empty pickup trucks will jump from $4.75 to $5 in both Canadian and U.S. funds. Buses, larger trucks and cars pulling trailers are charged higher tolls. Dan Stamper, president of the Detroit International Bridge Company, says […]

Import/Export Controls on Agricultural Products: Changes to Forms

Please note that changes have been made to the forms used to apply for allocations under tariff rate quotas and export quotas, supplemental import authorizations, allocation transfers, and permit cancellations. These modifications have been made to improve accessibility and to comply with Government of Canada Web Accessibility Standards. The information requested in the forms has […]

Export of Controlled Cultural Property

The control list does not apply to objects which are less than 50 years old, or made by a person still living. It should be noted that other restrictions may apply to individual categories identified on the control list. The export of controlled cultural property is subject to a permit procedure which is administered by […]

Determining Value for Duty of Computer Software

Under the Computer Carrier Media Remission Order, customs duty is not to be assessed on the value of the instructions or data content. However, any applicable customs duty will apply on the value of the carrier medium (for example, disk or tape) and the cost of reproducing the instructions or data onto the medium. The […]