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Calgary Customs Brokers- ARGO Customs

Calgary Customs Brokers- ARGO Customs are providing a local delivery to your premises,  In Calgary & AB,  when goods CBSA released. To culculate the quotation, please tell us: the postal code where to pick up. the postal code where to deliver, # packages total weight total invoice amount & description of goods, any other requirements  You are […]

Vancouver Customs Brokers- ARGO Customs, Fish Import Program

ARGO Customs Brokers  in Vancouver are  having a discount up to 10 % in May for goods under Fish Import Program. Please be advised: An import licence is required when you want to bring into Canada any product that is considered an import. The import licence is required prior to importing fish into Canada. An import licence […]

Calgary Customs Brokers – ARGO Customs, snowmobile and boat trailers

When you’d like to import: Non-commercial snowmobile, utility, or boat trailers are specifically excluded in the text of tariff item 8719.39.30, and are properly classified under tariff item No. 8716.39.90. They are designed and marketed for personal, household, and/or recreational applications, to be towed by means of a bumper hitch attached to a passenger vehicle […]

ARGO Vancouver Customs Brokers

ARGO Vancouver Customs Brokers are offering 10% discount (CB fees) for Fish ans Seafood shipments  till May 31, 2014. You are welcome! Fish licence is a mandatory.