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Powdered Whey (Item125.1 on the Import Control List)

This Notice replaces Notice to Importers No. 814 dated June 11, 2012, and will remain in effect until further notice. Imports of powdered whey are subject to import controls under Canada’s Export and Import Permits Act (EIPA). Accordingly, an import permit is required for shipments of powdered whey to enter Canada. Import permits for shipments […]

Y50 Related manifest in reject status…(Amendment)

The following is a CBSA Message (EDI13-040) – Amendment to 2nd paragraph. This bulletin is intended to offer guidelines and clarification to importers and brokers regarding a release transaction reject notice generated by CBSA border officers in ACROSS. If you receive a reject message on your release transaction such as “Related manifest in reject status; […]

U.S. and Canada Agree on Dispute Settlement Procedures in COOL Dispute

… the government of Canada released earlier this month a list of U.S. goods that could be subject to retaliation in an ongoing dispute over U.S. country of origin labeling regulations for meat. Canada contends that the final rule issued by the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Agricultural Marketing Service amending the country of origin labeling […]

Food Labelling Modernization Initiative – Online Consultation

The objective of the Food Labelling Modernization initiative is to develop a more modern food labelling system that can respond to today’s challenges and those of the future. This initiative will focus on foods, as well as the review of CFIA food labelling frameworks and regulatory, program design and delivery systems. It will not include […]

CBSA seizes suspected cocaine on traveller at the Toronto Pearson International Airport

Mississauga, Ontario, June 11, 2013 – The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) today announced the significant seizure of suspected cocaine at the Toronto Pearson International Airport (TPIA). On June 1, 2013, border services officers working at Terminal 3 of the TPIA referred a traveller for secondary examination. During the course of the examination, the traveller […]

Importing New Canadian Specification Vehicles Into Canada

1. This notice is to clarify the border declaration procedure for new Canadian specification vehicles (Canadian Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (CMVSS) compliant) being imported into Canada from foreign countries, including the United States. 2. Please note that NEW Canadian specification vehicles bearing a valid Canadian Statement of Compliance label cannot be entered into the Registrar […]

Mandatory Electronic Reporting Policy for Exporters

1. This notice provides information on the Canada Border Services Agency’s (CBSA’s) new Mandatory Electronic Export Reporting Policy for exporters and explains how to report export data electronically when exporting goods by any mode of transportation. 2. In order to fulfill its mandate, the CBSA requires exporters to declare their export shipments destined to non-US […]

Importation of ash (Fraxinus spp.) regulated articles from New Hampshire, US

Effective July 8, 2013, the following requirements will apply for the importation of ash regulated commodities from New Hampshire, US: A Phytosanitary Certificate will be required for the following commodities: – Foliage, branches – dried – Ash (Fraxinus spp.) – < 1.5 cm in diameter - Ash - wood chips - Ash […]