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Verification of Rules of Origin Explained

The North American Free Trade Agreement (“NAFTA”) is a free-trade agreement between Mexico, the United States, and Canada, well known by most customs broker companies. NAFTA was implemented in 1994 and has been in effect since then. As you may have read, NAFTA is currently being renegotiated therefore the rules for import/export could change. However, […]

The Harmonized System Tariff Code Classification Program Explained

The World Customs Organization (WCO) is responsible for managing the trade of 182 members comprising over 98% of total global trade. Canada has been a member of the WCO since 1971, as a member of the North American trade region, and is also a member of the Harmonized System Committee and the Harmonized System Review […]

Reduce Costs for Importing Goods into Canada with ARGO Customs Brokers

Toronto, ON-based ARGO Customs Brokers helps clients across the country save on importing goods through customs into Canada. One area in which the company specializes is in helping clients reduce the cost and time involved in obtaining their import permit with the DFAIT (Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade). ARGO Customs Brokers can help […]

Wood Packaging Material Import Requirements

Argo Customs Brokers Toronto shares with you the Wood packaging material (WPM) import requirements.These are strict guidelines put in place to protect Canadian ecosystems from non-native pests found in WPM. Pests in Wood Packaging Quarantine pests found in wood packaging (pallets, crates, spools, dunnage, etc.) present a significant threat to forest health worldwide. Pests that […]

Canadian Cosmetics Act and Notification of cosmetics

As per section 30 of the Cosmetic Regulations, manufacturers and importers must notify Health Canada within 10 days after they first sell a cosmetic in Canada. Failure to notify may result in a product being denied entry into Canada or removed from sale. In ARGO Customs brokers in Toronto we are doing many cosmetics importations coming […]

Customs Consulting in Vancouver – Valuation

A “value for duty” must be declared for all goods imported to Canada in accordance with the valuation provisions of the Customs Act (the Act), regardless of the circumstances of their importation. The value for duty is the base figure on which duty you may owe on your goods is calculated. Even if you do […]

ARGO Customs Now Uses the CAED System for Exports

March 09, 2018 – Toronto, ON – President Trump’s latest announcement of imposing possible tariffs on steel and aluminum imports into the United States has resulted in a surge of export queries for ARGO Customs brokers. However, before an exporter can move their goods, they must have a completed B13 Export Declaration form. The B13 […]

ARGO Customs Calculator, Broker Services In Vancouver And Toronto

Tariffs are border “taxes” that a country imposes on imports prior to allowing the goods to enter the country. Tariffs are used by governments for a variety of reasons (1) to protect domestic industry (2) to raise revenue and (3) to punish a country for perceived bad acts. The use of tariffs has declined as […]

Understanding Canadian Duty & Tax Calculation | ARGO Customs

If you are trying to import goods into Canada, you have to calculate the value allocated for duty and tax accurately. Some vendors also offer discounts. If you fail to take these costs into account, you risk selling your goods for too little, losing money, or even failing to pay the appropriate duty and becoming […]

Before Importing or Exporting Commercial Goods into Canada you have to obtain your Import/Export Business Number from the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA).
For an import-export (RM) account:

Call 1-800-959-5525 or Use Business Registration Online (BRO)

Will be the same as your BN with extension RM0001.
Sample: 123456789RM0001