NEW_ Registering for an import-export program (RM) account

Customs Notice 24-18: CARM: Changes to the Registration

Registering for an import-export program (RM) account
1. The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) remains responsible for the issuance of the business number (BN9) and for registration to various CRA program accounts.

2. As part of the implementation of the CARM system, the responsibility to register new and to manage updates to import-export program (RM) accounts is being transferred to the CBSA.

3. As of May 13, 2024, the CRA will no longer register new import-export program (RM) accounts or accept maintenance requests for existing RM accounts. TCPs are required to go to the CBSA for all matters relating to their RM account.

4. The system functionality to fully automate the process of issuing and managing RM program accounts will not be in place until October 2024, when the CBSA will launch CARM externally.

Interim process for registration and maintenance of RM accounts
5. The CBSA is introducing an interim process for the registration and maintenance of program (RM) accounts for importers and exporters. The CBSA will require that the TCP submit the applicable form to register a new RM account or to seek changes to an existing RM account.

6. Information on the interim process and web links to access the new request forms can be found on the CBSA’s primary CARM web page.