New Export Import Control System (New EICS)

Global Affairs Canada (GAC) recently completed an upgrade to the Export Import Controls System (EICS).

The New EICS enables licenced customs brokers to apply online for export or import permits for controlled goods. Products subject to import controls include agricultural products, firearms, textiles and clothing, steel, and aluminum.

This notification represents changes in the web interface and does not constitute changes in trade control policy or the permit process.

Key Takeaways

  • The upgrade includes:
    • a new web user interface supported by up-to-date browsers
    • updates to align with Government of Canada security and accessibility standards
    • enhanced system navigation
    • new authentication system with unique log-in credentials
  • Note that access privileges in the New EICS will remain the same as they were in the old system. This upgrade also does not constitute changes in trade control policy or the permit process.
  • Functionality, EICS tabs and processes also remain unchanged. The New EICS represents a modernization of the authentication system and web interface.

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ARGO Customers Brokers Is Ready to Help

ARGO Customs Brokers has registered for the new EICS system and can assist you in applying to obtain an EIPA number for your company. Note that permits can also be accessed via the new EICS portal.

You are invited to inquire regarding a free consultation regarding changes to the EICS system. ARGO Customs Brokers is pleased to assist with all of your import and export business.