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Tips on How You Can Use the GST Direct Program to Benefit Your Business

The GST Direct Program allows companies who are registered with the program to pay the Goods and Services Tax (GST) directly to the Receiver General of Canada. If you import goods into Canada, you can make payments online or by phone through your financial institution. For entering the GST Direct program you need to submit the letter of authorization for GST that you will find below:


The following financial institutions support GST direct payments:

  • Scotiabank
  • Banque Nationale
  • RBC
  • HSBC
  • TD
  • CIBC (however they offer only online support)
  • BMO which includes Citibank, Tangerine, and Bank of America

Please check with your on-line banking how to pay GST directly.

If you would like to join the GST Direct Program, our customs brokers in Canada are standing by to discuss the nuances of the program with you and help you sign up. Argo Customs Brokers currently have numerous clients registered with the program who state it’s user-friendly and cuts through some of the bureaucracy you would ordinarily have to deal with.

Making Payments Online

Making payments online is easy. All you have to do are the following three steps:

First, add the Canada Border Services Agency as a payee. Second, use your Business Number as the account number for payment, not your Canada Revenue RT account number. If you would like to render payment via the phone, you will need to call your financial institution, and they can help get you started. Third, make payments! Yes, it is that easy.

When Payments are Due

You have to wait until the goods are released. If the goods are released before the 18th day of the month, then you must pay the GST by the end of the same month. But, if the goods are released on or after 18th day or after, then you must pay the GST by the end of the next month.

Your customs broker in Canada then submits a notice to the CBSA, which will indicate that you intend to submit payment online, that way the CBSA and Canada Revenue Agency will know the amount owed. The total amount will be shown on your B3 import declaration form. Once paid, the GST due amount will be washed up from your business number.

If you would like to take advantage of the GST Direct Program, Argo Customs Brokers are standing by to help your business now!