Importing Goods into Canada – Classification of Your Goods and Tariff HS codes

Canada’s customs tariff is based on the Word Custom’s Organization’s Harmonized Commodity Description and Coding System (HS). The customs tariff is the import duty that all companies who want to import goods into Canada must pay. The amount of the customs tariff is determined by the HS code.

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To facilitate your query, the importer should gather as much information as possible about the goods that you plan to import. For instance, collect descriptions, product compositions, manufacturing and assembling history, and end-use. The more information about the product, the more accurate our response will be to your queries.

Understanding the HS Tariff

The HS tariff is extraordinarily detailed and complex. It is possible for some goods to qualify under multiple HS codes. Thus, more information is crucial to determining an accurate and applicable code. Most major trading countries, including the United States, India, and China use the HS codes as the basis for the classification of imported goods. Thus, most of the trade coming into Canada will utilize the same system that the Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA) utilizes to ascertain customs tariffs.

The HS code is a ten-digit number. The first six digits of the code are the common identifier across all HS countries. The following four numbers are unique to Canada. These last four numbers are used to establish the duty rates and for statistical purposes.

In some complex cases, the importer can request an advanced ruling on an HS code from the CBSA. An advanced ruling ensures that the HS code you utilize is presumptively deemed correct by the CBSA. Advanced rulings are incredibly useful for complex goods that do not “fit” into a specific HS code. If our brokers are unable to clarify which HS code applies, do not worry, ARGO Customs can assist your business in requesting an advanced ruling.

ARGO Customs Can Help

ARGO Customs understand that better estimates are desirable as you try to import goods into Canada. Improperly prepared companies are placed under great financial stress at the border because they do not appreciate customs tariffs as true obstacles. ARGO Customs Brokers retain a vast team of Certified Specialists to answer all of your questions and to assist you with your HS codes as quickly as possible in Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary and Edmonton, Canada. Contact us today for more information about importing into Canada.