Import into Vancouver: Customs Brokers Can Help You Import Commercial Goods into Vancouver

Argo Customs Brokers are placed throughout Vancouver and the British Columbia to facilitate the importation of your commercial products. These Brokers can help ensure that the import process goes smoothly and reduces costs for your business.

Argo Customs now operates a live chat feature,, which allows you to receive answers quickly on a variety of topics including:

  • HS Coding,

  • Duty Rates, and

  • CBSA Regulations.

Every person you speak with through the chat feature is a certified Customs Broker. Argo Customs now provides a free Tax Calculator online to estimate your payments.

The more information you possess before your goods arrive, the more efficient your goods can proceed through the customs process. Argo Customs is committed to ensuring that your commercial products are imported efficiently and quickly so you can ship them on to their final destinations.

Agricultural Products

Agricultural commodities are subject to some specific rules. For example, it is a good idea to confirm that your agricultural products are eligible for zero-rated importation. Goods that are zero-rated are not subject to the value-added tax (or “VAT”) which significantly reduces their price and tax burden.

Most agricultural and fishing products are zero-rated, including products sold for human consumption. For example, milk, fruit, vegetables, honey and fresh fish are all zero-rated under Part III of Schedule VI as “basic groceries.” You can find additional information on basic groceries, in Memorandum 4.3 Basic Groceries.  

Many agricultural products that produce goods or food for human consumption are also zero-rated. For example, farm livestock (except rabbits), poultry or bees that are raised or kept to produce food for human consumption or to produce wool.

Bear in mind, that while most agricultural products are zero-rated, not all are. For example, cut flowers, maple-sugar candy, foliage, plant bedding, sod, firewood, fur and animal hides, living trees, feathers, processed wool, down, gravel, stones, soil, rock, and urine from pregnant mares are all subject to the VAT. Additionally, boat chartering services for recreational fishing, harvesting services to a farmer, road clearing services, and stud or artificial insemination are also taxable.

Contact Argo Customs today to ensure that you can easily import goods into Vancouver. Our expert team will answer all of your questions and concerns regarding you import, and our online tax and duty calculator is quick and will help you figure out duty and tariffs for your goods.