Import into Canada: Experienced Brokers Can Help Your Start-Up Import Commercial Goods

ARGO Customs has now launched a new initiative to lend a helping hand to “start-up” import companies. This new initiative provides that extra touch of personal attention that new import companies require getting through those first few shipments.

We are happy to assist you in every way possible. ARGO Customs brokers are experienced at understanding Canada Border Service Agency (CBSA) import / export rules. We can help you determine which Harmonized Sales Tariff code your commercial goods fall under.

Our customs brokers can assist you with a variety of services from commercial shipments into Canada, personal shipments, export, freight forwarding and overseas support. If you need assistance, our brokers are there to answer your questions.

Additionally, ARGO Customs recently launched a new online chat tool that allows you to quickly get the answers you need while not interrupting your business process. Our job is to make your life as simple as possible.

Import/Export Business Number / RM Account

Every company looking to do import commercial goods into Canada must obtain an RM account from the Canada Revenue Agency. This number is mandatory for the CBSA. Without this number, the CBSA will hold your goods at port.

You can obtain an RM account in one of two ways:

As of May 13, 2024, the CRA will no longer register new import-export program (RM) accounts or accept maintenance requests for existing RM accounts. Until October 2024:

For more information visit the page below:

Are you having issues obtaining an RM? Not a problem, ARGO Customs brokers are experienced in every step of importing goods into Canada from obtaining RM accounts to freight forwarding. One of our brokers will gladly assist you in any way possible.

Other Government Departments

Commonly, if your RM is not one of the standard accounts, then your RM may fall under one of the “Other Government Departments” regulations (OGD). The most common OGDs are:

  1. The Canadian Food Inspection Agency;
  2. Natural Resources Canada;
  3. Transport Canada (Tires).

ARGO Customs brokers have a long history of importing OGD goods, including foodstuffs and perishables. If you have these in your next shipment, an ARGO Customs broker can help you identify which items, if any, are exempt from tax. With an ARGO Customs broker, you can simplify your importations and focus on generating new business. Contact ARGO Customs today.