Import Emergency Goods into Canada Without Paying Tariffs – ARGO Customs Explains New Customs Rules

import emergency goodsApril 21, 2020 – Toronto, CA – There is good news for those looking to import emergency goods into Canada during the COVID-19 crisis, according to the importation experts at ARGO Customs.  The Canada Border Services Agency recently announced that many fees and tariffs relating to medical goods are currently being suspended due to the outbreak, and ARGO wants to help ensure as many importers as possible can take advantage of these new rules.

According to Customs Notice 20-08, “Imported Goods for Emergency Use in Response to COVID-19,” there will be relief of duties and taxes for emergency medical goods if those goods are required by:

  • Federal, provincial, or municipal governmental agencies
  • Healthcare centres 
  • First-response organizations such as police or fire departments
  • Private care residences, such as nursing homes

Currently, goods being imported for sale through private commercial outlets are not eligible for this tax relief.  Otherwise, businesses will be able to import emergency goods intended for nearly any governmental or healthcare operation without paying the standard duties and fees.

However, should goods be imported and then not used by such organizations, they will need to be exported again after the crisis has passed.  Also, importers should be aware that Border Services still reserves the right to inspect any and all cargo coming into the country.

ARGO Customs advises importers to partner with an experienced importation broker, to help them navigate the relevant paperwork, and guarantee they get any tax relief they are legally entitled to.  In pursuit of this, ARGO has also announced they will be waiving the traditional one-time account set up fee, further reducing burdens on Canadian importers.

About ARGO Customs

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