Import Brokers in Vancouver Can Help You Import Agricultural Products and Equipment into Canada

Vancouver, Canada – June 2016 – ARGO Customs is now placing brokers throughout Vancouver ports, sub-locations and warehouses to assist clients in the importation of certain agricultural products, equipment and agricultural goods listed on the Import Control List (ICL).

Import permits must be submitted to the Canada Border Services Agency in order for them to be released from the ports. However, agricultural products that are listed on the ICL do not require import permits. Any products listed on the ICL fall under one of two categories: (1) within access commitment tariff or (2) over access commitment tariff.

Canada imposes import controls on certain goods. When a good is listed on the ICL, then it is subject to one of these controls. When an item “within commitment access,” means it is within the importation quota and is therefore subject to significantly lower custom duty rates. Conversely, goods that exceed the import quota are “over commitment access” and are subject to higher custom duty rates.

ARGO Customs Brokers are placed throughout the port and warehouse facilities to help customers determine if their agricultural goods are within the access commitment or over the access commitment.

Specifically, ARGO Customs Brokers can provide professional advice on import permits. Any goods that do not have a properly submitted permit will be subjected to the higher duty rate associated with over access commitments. They also help clients comply with (GST/HST) provisions.

Although most agricultural and fishing goods are GST zero-rated, some are not. For example: living trees, firewood, fur, animal hides, feathers, processed wool, maple-sugar candy, down, foliage, cut flowers, bedding plants, sod, soil, rock, stones, gravel and the urine from pregnant mares, are not GST zero-rated. All of these products are taxable at the appropriate customs rate.  

Vancouver Import Broker

ARGO Customs Brokers can walk you through the custom requirements for your products. ARGO Customs is a multi-service import firm that can help you comply with customs, manage shipments and handle freight forwarding. With ARGO Customs consulting on your imports you can rest assured, knowing your goods will reach their final destination in a timely manner.

Please contact a Vancouver import broker for all details when you want to import to Vancouver and British Colombia. You can also use our live chat option on our website to speak to a broker.