Import Alert: The Food and Drug Regulations Relating to Nutrition Labeling, List of Ingredients, and Food Colors were Amended, an Import Brokers in Vancouver Can Guide You through the Changes

ARGO Customs is alerting all importers that there are amendments to the Food and Drug Regulations regarding the list of ingredients, nutrition labeling, and food coloring. On December 14, 2016, the Government of Canada finalized changes to the Nutrition Facts label which could have drastic impacts for food importers. Import brokers in Vancouver, like ARGO Customs, can assist your company in complying with these new regulations.

The goal of the changes is to ensure that Nutrition Labels are more easily understood by Canadians. The amendments are the latest in a series of proposed changes as part of Health Canada’s “Healthy Eating Strategy” program. The ‘Strategy’ is intended to help Canadians make cheaper and healthier food options. Essentially, the new labels will be easier to read and contain more useful information that the casual passerby can easily comprehend.

The Compliance Rules

Companies that fall under the amendments are given five (5) years to create new nutrition labels that comport with the regulations. However, a few amendments take effect immediately.

Import brokers in Vancouver can walk your company through the nuance of each amendment, but here are a few examples. For instance, synthetic color certifications are no longer required, and amendments relating to food color specifications take immediate effect.

Health Canada and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) developed an implementation plan which lays out the phases in which compliance is expected. The implementation plan foresees three phases over the five-year transition period.

Health Canada enacted the changes. However, the CFIA is tasked with enforcing the amended rules. The CFIA is maintaining a FAQ page for common questions regarding enforcement.

ARGO Customs Can Help

ARGO Customs brokers are highly experienced at importing a variety of foodstuffs. They have moved thousands of goods over the course of their careers and can easily assist your company to ensure a smooth release with the CBSA. Additionally, ARGO Customs offers a pre-arrival consultation to ensure that every form and issue is addressed prior to shipping your goods to Vancouver. Import brokers in Vancouver can ensure that your goods are admitted to Canada, hassle-free.

ARGO Customs now offer a live chat service that is available 24/7. Simply visit our website and the chat function will activate near the bottom of your browser. Additionally, feel free to contact our team today. ARGO Customs are the premier import brokers in Vancouver and can ensure that your goods will enter Canada without problems.