The Experts at ARGO Customs Remind People That CARM Will Reshape Canadian Importation

March 28, 2020 – Toronto, ON – Big changes are coming to Canadian importation due to ongoing implementation of the CARM program, and the import experts at ARGO Customs want to make sure importers are aware of this.

Envisioned and implemented by the Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA), CARM is the CBSA Assessment and Revenue Management initiative.  The overall purpose of CARM is to overhaul and streamline the importation process with a digital transformation.  Once completed, the project will:

• Create a robust new digital backend for all importation processing

• Create a self-serve web portal that allows registered importers and their authorized agents to file paperwork, check approval status, and more.

• Offer a single consistent interface for importing into Canada from any country in the world

• Simplify the process of collating and reporting on data relevant to Canadian imports on both the micro and macro scale

• Reduce costs for both importers and the CBSA

CARM is currently scheduled for a three-phase rollout beginning in Summer 2020.  At that point, new computer systems will be installed and set up to run the program, but no public-facing changes will be made.  Then, in early 2021, the new CARM Client Portal will go live and begin accepting applications.  If all goes well, by Summer or Fall 2022, the new system will be entirely in place and importers will need to transition.

This makes for a complicated period of change for many Canadian importers.  However, an experienced customs broker can help their clients understand and adapt to these changes.  Importers are encouraged to reach out for help, as needed.

About ARGO Customs 

ARGO Customs specializes in helping businesses navigate Canadian customs procedures regardless of the country of origin.  They feature a team of fully licensed highly trained specialists in international trade, along with a state-of-the-art computerized system that is ready for the upcoming CARM changeover.  With ARGO, a company can feel certain that their Canadian imports will arrive on schedule.

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