ARGO Customs Can Help with Your Non-Commercial Importations

So, if you’re just importing some goods into Canada purely for personal or non-commercial use, you don’t need to worry about commercial import regulations, right?  Not necessarily.  Significant changes are coming to how the Single Window Initiative (SWI) processes non-commercial goods.  In some cases, importers may still need to adhere to commercial regulations, particularly if the goods are regulated by a Participating Government Agency (PGA).

In such cases, you may still want to consider using the services of a Customs Broker to ensure that these non-commercial imports enter the country smoothly.

SWI And Non-Commercial Goods

The Single Window Initiative was a major overhaul of Canadian importation regulations and procedures, first implemented in 2017.  The basic purpose was to create a single point for advanced reporting of import information, making it easier for the Canadian government to keep close tabs on what’s coming into the country.  Likewise, it allows for more robust data-gathering and analysis, a necessity in the modern global economy.

Originally, this system was not intended to handle non-commercial imports, but fast-changing economic matters have necessitated its expansion.  This has resulted in a period where some “workarounds” will be utilized to allow for tracking of these goods before a more permanent solution is implemented.

These changes are and will be, focused on goods which are regulated by PGAs within Canada.  Examples would include plants, seeds, fertilizer, or livestock.  In other words, goods which are potentially dangerous or require oversight above and beyond typical importations.

In the end, allowing these regulated but non-commercial goods to go through the SWI system will result in smoother importations, while still preserving the information-gathering mission of the SWI program.  In the meantime, it will potentially create new bureaucratic hazards among importers of certain closely regulated and monitored goods.

ARGO Customs Can Help You Navigate Canadian Customs

Canada has been expanding and updating its importation tracking and regulation at a breakneck pace in recent years, and that can cause problems for anyone bringing goods into Canada – even non-commercial importers.  That’s where ARGO Customs comes in.

We’re a group of highly trained and experienced global trade experts.  Our business is to know Canada’s importation procedures inside and out, allowing our customers smooth and easy access to Canada.  Whether your goods are intended for market, or for non-commercial use, we will work with you to ensure your shipment goes through!

Please contact us to discuss your importation needs.