Argo Customs is a Leading Calgary Customs Broker

We tailor our brokerage services according to clients’ specific needs and requirements. We want to be able to offer the best possible services to our customers and ensure they get exactly what they need from us. We even have a 24-hour support line. Customer service Is our priority!

Customs Broker Calgary Freight Facts:

  • Almost 95% of the Port’s total volume serves Canadian import and export markets.
  • On average, 97% of the customs declarations for the imported freight arriving at Port Metro Calgary is presented to the CBSA electronically via EDI by importers and customs brokers.

We Specialize in International Shipments

We’ve never met any customs clearance challenge that we couldn’t handle. As part of our service, we help companies to get their logistics right so they don’t miss out on any opportunities for global trade where applicable. With our assistance, we can assist in meeting all Transport Canada requirements and ensure that you’re fully compliant with local/international regulations.

As a leading customs brokers Calgary company, we have streamlined Canadian customs clearance processes with state-of-the-art customs software solutions and have become procedural experts with all government departments and agencies. Our aim is to help clients find the most affordable means of ensuring that their freight makes its way to or from the specific destination. We’ll develop different strategies and see which ones fit your needs best so that we only select the most cost effective logistics solutions.

How to Select the Right Calgary Customs Brokers for Your Business Needs

Customs brokers traditionally gather details from importers and exporters and then pass them onto customs officials for clearance. Importers/exporters and businesses like yours are learning that this task makes up only a part of the myriad of services that customs brokers can provide. The best customs brokers help importers/exporters by using their knowledge of regulations to transform data into important business intelligence. Customs brokers offer a wide variety of specialized services for importers/exporters looking to grow their businesses by exploring new market opportunities, evaluating the impact of global changes, and cutting costs.

Customs brokers leverage electronic communications both with clients and with Canada Border Services Agency and other government agencies that control the importation and exportation of goods. Argo Customs is available to assess your business needs, providing a range of services that will help your business to thrive.

Get the Most From Your Customs Brokers in Calgary

For your business needs, you will want to choose a customs broker that is a member of the CBSA, like Argo Customs. In Canada, the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) actively seeks and achieves improvements in government policies and procedures, and consistently delivers products and services, including education and professional development.

In fact, all customs brokers are licensed by the Canada Border Services Agency. As such, a business like yours must grant a customs broker authority to act on their behalf. A licensed customs broker’s job is to get shipments cleared at the border. Each time a shipment is cleared, massive amounts of critical business data must be generated. This data concerns everything from suppliers, country of origin and destinations, tariff classifications, routings, and intended use.