Why use a customs broker when I can clear imports myself ?

You should be able to do the clearance yourself if you allocate sufficient time and effort into the process, however there are a few factors to consider:

– A customs broker will ensure that the importer is compliant with Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) regulations

– A customs broker will assist the importer with Customs tariff, applicable tariff treatments and Other Government Departments requirements

– A customs broker will work with the suppliers making sure that preferential regimes are utilized and the importer is supplied with the necessary certificates to legally obtain the lowers duty rate possible

– A customs broker role is essential for the timely delivery of goods

– The importer does not need to drive to the warehouse facility where the goods are awaiting clearance, take the documents to Customs and wait for the officers to process the shipment

– The importer does not have to worry about filling out all the required CBSA forms

– Customs brokerage fees are more than reasonable and constitute a fraction of the importing cost.