Pls advise for an Export Control List ?

Export Controls are governed by Section 3 of the Export and Import Permits Act, which gives the Government the power to establish an Export Control List(ECL) to control the export of goods and technology.

The ECL includes seven groups as follows:

  • Group 1: Dual Use List
  • Group 2: Munitions List
  • Group 3: Nuclear Non-proliferation List
  • Group 4: Nuclear-Related Dual Use List
  • Group 5: Miscellaneous Goods and Technology (U.S. origin goods and technology, roe herring, cedar shakes and shingles, logs, softwood lumber)
  • Group 6: Missile Technology Control Regime List
  • Group 7: Chemical and Biological Weapons Non-Proliferation List

Please note that even if an item does not appear on the ECL it may still need some sort of export authorization. Several other departments have responsibilities for certain export controls, namely: the Canadian Wheat Board, Health Canada, Agriculture Canada, Canadian Heritage, Superintendent of Financial Institutions, Natural Resources Canada; and Environment Canada.