Please advise what the particular requirements for a wooden packaging when importing to Canada ?

ARGO Toronto Customs Brokers: Wood packaging material (WPM) import requirements are strict guidelines put in place to protect Canadian ecosystems from non-native pests found in WPM. Invasive pests can result in economic losses — stemming from eradication and control costs in the millions of dollars, loss of export markets, and loss of Canadian industry and tourism jobs and dollars – as well as irreversible damage or loss of forests and forest ecosystems.

When the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) intercepts non-compliant WPM, it takes immediate action to limit the risk. If non-compliant shipments: Both the shipment and the WPM will be removed from Canada.

Wood packaging (e.g. pallets, containers, drums, etc.), excluding wood packaging made wholly from processed wood shipped to any country that has adopted ISPM 15 must be:

  • Produced by or purchased from a facility approved by the national plant protection organization as complying with ISPM 15
  • Heat treated to a minimum core temperature of 56°C for at least 30 minutes in a CFIA approved Heat Treatment facility.
  • Debarked so that any number of visually separate and clearly distinct small pieces of bark remaining are less than 3 cm in width (regardless of the length), or if greater than 3 cm in width or length, the total surface area of any individual piece of bark should not exceed 50 square cm.
  • Treated wood must be marked with an IPPC mark.