Export Brokers in Canada Can Help You Export Rifles and Other Complicated Goods Under CITES Regulations

ARGO Customs are experienced export brokers in Canada who are well-versed in exporting a variety of goods under the CITES regulations. Exporting certain goods, such as rifles, is complex under the CITES system. An export broker, like ARGO Customs, can significantly speed-up the processing time, ensure quick reviews, and get your goods in transit to their final destination.

The Canadian Automated Export Declaration (CAED) System

ARGO Customs prepare export declarations utilizing the CAED system. The CAED system is a fast and inexpensive way to report your exported goods and receive permits. Export brokers in Canada utilize the CAED system to avoid manual paperwork process filings (i.e. the B131A Form).

Through the CAED system, ARGO Customs can ensure that your goods are directly relayed to the Government and receive approval as soon as possible.

The Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA)

The CAED system was implemented and is administered by the CBSA. The CAED system was introduced in 1998 and, since 2012, the CBSA has taken steps to make use of the CAED system mandatory. Thus, export brokers in Canada, like ARGO Customs, are critical to ensuring that your company does not waste valuable time learning how to use the CAED system.

ARGO Customs enables your company to focus on its core business, rather than waste time and personnel learning the nuances of export and trade law.

Export Reporting Requirements

Not all goods are subject to reporting requirements. The first job of an export broker in Canada is to assist their client in determining if they are exporting goods that require declaration. Traditionally, you would determine this on the B13A Form. However, ARGO Customs can guide you through the process using the CAED system.

If your goods fall under the “no declaration required” or “non-restricted goods” categories, then you do not need to report them in the CAED system. ARGO Customs can assist you through this process.

Finally, if your goods are classified under OGD (Other Government Department), ARGO Customs can assist your company through that process as well. The CBSA is not the only border regulatory agency, although it is the largest. ARGO Customs distinguishes itself by offering export/import advice on a variety of governmental agencies.

ARGO Customs also provides offers the very best Canadian customs brokerage services catered directly to your business in Calgary, Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal and Edmonton. For assistance, please do not hesitate to contact ARGO Customs today.