Everything You Need to Know About Importing Specialty Steel Products into Canada

ARGO Customs Brokers are among the premier customs brokers in Toronto and throughout Canada. Their experienced brokers can assist your business in importing carbon and specialty steel products from a variety of countries. ARGO Customs brokers can help your business estimate VAT, import duties, and handle everything you need to get your goods across the border and connected to a reliable shipper.

Carbon steel

Carbon steel includes a broad range of products from semi-finished, such as blooms, billets, ingots, sheet bars, wire rods, sheet metal, plate, wire products, structural shapes (i.e. beams, pipes, and tubes), railway products, and other products are described in the Import Control List. The Import Control List describes all products that are subject to additional screening or import duties due to the nature of the product, which includes many different things from chemicals to weapons of war (or things can be used to create weapons of war).

Specialty steel

The carbon steel list specifically excludes the specialty steel products which are described in section 70 and include: flat-rolled steel (i.e. plate, strip, and sheet), stainless steel pipes, bars, tubes, wire, and other wire products, steel mold, alloy tool steel, and steel used in high-speed applications. Essentially, this includes all steel products that have been semi-worked and are used in specialty applications; unlike carbon steel, which has broader applications.

Take special note of certain steel products that are classified by HTS code 7208.25.00.00 et. seq. and can be found here. These goods are described in the customs tariff and are not subject to the surtax order because they are imported in small quantities.

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