eManifest implementation in highway and rail modes

Earlier this year the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) announced that, due to the timelines associated with the regulatory process, the eManifest informed compliance period for highway and rail carriers was being extended to fall 2013, at which time we expected the enabling regulations to be in place.

While the regulatory process is underway, eManifest requirements for highway and rail carriers will not be mandatory in fall 2013 and an informed compliance period remains in effect.

The Major Projects Directorate is today beginning to communicate this information to affected stakeholders through direct mail-outs to CBSA-registered highway and rail carriers, updated eManifest Web site content, and through other communication and outreach activities identified in consultation with our trade partners in the eSPN Communications Working Group.

Once confirmed, the CBSA will communicate when regulations are expected to be in place, and remains committed to providing clients at least 45 days’ advance notice of the eManifest mandatory compliance date. At this time, the eManifest compliance date for freight forwarders remains July 2014.