Customs Notice 24-14: Preparing for CARM Release 2 Implementation, Cutover Period.

1. Effective May 13, 2024, the CBSA Assessment and Revenue Management (CARM) system will become the official system of record for importers and other trade chain partners (TCPs) to account for their goods and pay for their duties and taxes owed to the Canada Border Services Agency.

2. This notice is to provide TCPs with important information regarding the cutover period, which is required for the CBSA to migrate existing systems and functionality to CARM systems and functionality for the CARM R2 May 13, 2024 implementation. The CARM R2 cutover period will extend from April 26 (4:00 pm EDT) to May 13 (3:00 am EDT).

3. At the beginning of the cutover period, some CBSA legacy systems, such as the Customs Commercial System (CCS) and the Customs Automated Data Exchange (CADEX), will be retired.

CARM Registration and Program Enrollment
4. The CARM Client Portal (CCP) will not be available during the cutover period. TCPs will not be able to register on CARM.

5. Trusted Trader Enrolment: Customs Self-Assessment (CSA) enrolment activities will be paused during cutover, resuming May 13, 2024. Starting on May 13, all CSA applications must be submitted via the CCP. Partners in Protection (PIP) enrolment remains available in the Trusted Trader Management System (TTMS).

CARM Simulation Lab Availability
6. The CARM Simulation lab will not be available during the cutover period. TCPs will be able to access the lab the week of May 20.

New Business Number (BN)
7. New commercial importers requiring a BN and importer program account (RM) in order to obtain release for their importation of commercial goods can continue to work with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) to obtain a BN/RM account for their importing of goods activities. The CRA’s service will be offered until 7:00 pm EDT, Friday May 10, 2024.

8. For new commercial importers that cannot obtain a BN/RM, the use of Broker BN to obtain release of goods for existing “First time” and “One time” importer policy is maintained. CBSA will also facilitate the use of CBSA administrative BN on paper C-Type B3 entry for importers that are not using a customs broker.

9. The CRA will continue to issue new exporter program account during the cutover period, but exporters will not be able to use their new BN/RM to enroll in either the Canadian Export Reporting System (CERS) or G7 Electronic Data Interchange Export Reporting system. This includes associations of a new BN/RM to a customs services provider.

10. Exporters who obtain their new export BN/RM during the cutover period may use one of the following two options to report their goods.

Option 1: One-time submission

Use the services of a customs service provider to report on your behalf
The customs service provider will use the “one time submission” reporting option in CERS on behalf of the exporter
Once the cutover period is complete, the exporter completes the CERS or G7-EDI registration process for future exports
Note: New exporters using this option will not be required to re-submit their declaration when their registration is complete.

Option 2: BSF844 Exporter contingency form

Obtain a BN/RM from the CRA
Complete the paper BSF844 Exporter contingency form, entering the newly issued BN/RM on the form
Submit two copies of the form to the CBSA export reporting office where the goods are exported, or by email to offices providing the eLongroom service, for review and stamping by a CBSA officer
Once the cutover period is complete, complete the CERS or G7-EDI registration application, and re-submit the export declaration electronically using either the CERS or G7-EDI electronic reporting method
Note: Exporters who submit a paper contingency form and do not complete their registration and submit an electronic declaration may be subject to penalties.

11. New exporters may continue to submit CERS and G7-EDI registration forms during the cutover period, however these will not be processed until the cutover is complete. New exporters must use one of the two options listed above to submit their declarations. Applications will be processed after the cutover and exporters will receive notification when their registration is complete.