Customs Clearance into Canada: Argo Customs Brokers Can Guide You through the Clearance Process

Argo Customs now places brokers throughout Vancouver and British Columbia ports to assist clients throughout the customs clearance process into Canada. Feel free to ask any Argo Customs Broker certified specialists for information on the duties and taxes on your incoming goods. They can estimate payments and guide you through the process.

For example, some goods require additional information before they clear customs. Additionally, not all products may be shipped via Canada Post (i.e. perfumes, perishable items, flammable liquids, replica or inert munitions). Another problem is certain products require additional paperwork before they are permitted entry, a typical example is munitions and car parts.

The earlier you speak with a Customs Broker certified specialist, the sooner you can learn every requirement imposed on your imported goods. A customs broker specialist can ensure that your delivery schedules are kept on track.

Canada Food Inspection Agency Regulations

If you import food, plants, animals, or related products, then you will need to comply with CFIA regulations. CFIA monitors these imports for proper labeling and to confirm that none are subject to recalls.  Additionally, the wood packaging is subject to a series of regulations to ensure that it will not contaminate local Canadian flora.

These rules can often be confusing to discern. Argo Customs Brokers can cut through the circular language and plainly explain the requirements for your goods to be approved. They can guide you through:

  • The marking of precious metals.

  • The packaging and labeling of non-food products.

  • Endangered or threatened species of plants or animals.

  • Hazardous waste and recyclable material.

  • Ozone depleting substances.

Each of these goods and more must comply with specific regulations. Argo Customs Brokers will guide you through the entire process to ensure that all of your products clear customs into Canada. 

Argo Customs Brokers

Argo Customs now offers a live in chat feature on their website, – the feature will automatically activate. Ask the technician anything you like and they will assist you with any questions or additional information you may require. You can also give Argo Customs a call, toll-free, at 1 (888) 311-8303. Argo Business Corporation is staffed with a team of highly experienced and licensed international trade specialists to improve your experience and get your goods into Canada as efficiently as possible.