CFIA Updates Compliance & Enforcement Policy

[Nov. 24, 2020 – Toronto, CA] – The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) recently announced that in an effort to drive more strategic, fair, and consistent compliance they’ve updated their Compliance and Enforcement Policy.

The move comes as part of a greater overall enforcement approach enabling the CFIA to continue effectively delivering its mandate by employing a compliance continuum based on transparency.

There’s no major policy shift in terms of the Compliance and Enforcement Policy update, which hasn’t been revamped since 2015. But there are some notable changes important to those importing and exporting food into, or out of Canada.

Some of the highlights include revisions to the policy to add Safe Food for Canadians Regulations (SFCR), as well as changes to the information about Administrative Monetary Penalties (AMP). Additional updates were also needed to address the evolving nature of the CFIA’s operating environment, making note of such things as the online services it offers to various regulated parties through the agency’s My CFIA tool.

Other key changes to the policy include the detailed explanation of the agency’s inspection versus investigation tactics delineated under the “Roles and Responsibilities” section. It also included a new “Inquiries” section in the policy, and the removal of the “Department of Justice Roles.”

More About the CFIA

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) is a regulatory agency committed to safeguarding food, plants, and animals in Canada and to enhance the well-being of the country’s people, environment, and economy. The agency is governed by the Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food and Minister of Health.

Find more information about the CFIA here or call 1 (800) 442-2342.

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