CFIA Changes to service fees now in effect for select importers

As of July 4, 2022, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) will be making the following service changes at the Centre of Administration for Permissions:

Change in timing of invoicing and fee collection
To reflect the current costs of delivering CFIA services, the CFIA will charge the service fee when you apply for an animal and plant import permit, or Ministerial Exemption for fresh fruits and vegetables. This includes new applications, renewals and amendments. If your permission is not issued, you will not be refunded.
Streamlining channel for applications
Applications for plant and animal import permissions will only be accepted through My CFIA or postal mail. Email applications will no longer be accpeted.
Charging Ministerial Exemptions for fresh fruit and vegetables by the number of loads requested on the application.
Applications for Ministerial Exemptions for fresh fruit and vegetables will be charged the service fee for the consideration of an application at the time of submission and based on the number of loads as per the CFIA Fees Notice.