CARM Portal – Action Required

To our valued clients,

We are reaching out to remind you to activate your business on the new Canada Border Services Agency Assessment and Revenue Management system (CARM) online portal.

On May 13th, 2024, CARM becomes CBSA’s official accounting software system.

Legacy Shutdown

CBSA’s legacy accounting system will go offline from April 26th to May 13th, 2024. It’s important to note that final accounting will not be completed during this period.

CBSA will be stopping registration on the CARM Client Portal as of April 26th, 2024 and will not be reopening it until May 13th, 2024

Important information regarding the cutover period is required for the CBSA to migrate existing systems and functionality to CARM systems and functionality for the CARM R2 May 13, 2024 implementation. The CARM R2 cutover period will extend from April 26 (4:00 pm EDT) to May 13 (3:00 am EDT).

Impact on Goods

The electronic submission system for goods will experience downtime starting late in the evening on Saturday, April 27th, and is anticipated to resume early in the morning on Sunday, April 28th. CBSA has not yet released the precise times for this interruption. ARGO CB will process all entries received within a sufficient time frame before the system goes offline. Beyond this 10-hour maintenance window, the transition plan is designed to ensure that the clearance of goods remains unaffected, allowing your goods to continue clearing as usual. CBSA is dedicated to maintaining the smooth flow of trade during this period.

Important Update

If you haven’t registered and authorized us as a broker in the CARM Portal by May 13th, 2024, we will be unable to process or clear your shipments. This could cause delays and result in extra charges from carriers or warehouses as all commercial imports will be restricted. Once CARM R2 is live, you will be unable to import into Canada without having your business activated on the portal.

ARGO Customs Brokers for the Win!

Stay in contact with ARGO Customs Brokers for all information related to importing to or exporting from Canada. Whenever you have questions on CARM-related issues or need assistance with importing or exporting, our agents are available to help.