CARM information letter.

Dear Valued Client:

CARM is a new program with CBSA that will be changing the Canadian importation process and will affect all Canadian importers and exporters. In the Spring of 2021, importers and custom brokers in Canada will be expected to adapt to the changes enforced under CARM.

Timelines Published

What to expect with CARM Release 1: (Implemented live on May 25, 2021)

· Ensure you are set up with a GC Key or sign in partner when required

· Online portal to allow importers to have immediate visibility to duties and taxes/amounts owing

· It will be your company’s responsibility to set up your account and allow ARGO Customs Brokers access to the online portal

What to expect with CARM Release 2: (Proposed May 2022)

· Financial security (bond) will have to be posted by Importer

· B3 and B2 replaced by (CAD) Commercial accounting declaration

· Corrections, rulings and adjustments done online.

Check out video on Release 1 of CARM

ARGO Customs Brokers is committed to assisting you in your transition into CARM. Please contact us to Email or directly to your particular broker.