Canadian Export Experts Argo Customs Now Support the CERS Declaration System

December 15, 2020 – Toronto, On – The new Canadian Export Reporting System (CERS) is now online, and the experts at Argo Customs are ready to help shippers adopt this new system.  CERS is a free web-based self-service portal that is designed to speed up export declarations.  Features such as universal accessibility from any browser and the ability to make bulk declarations can help streamline shipments – and ARGO Customs has the expertise to make it easy.

This is the basic process:

  1. All exporters must have a business number issued by the Canada Revenue Agency.
  2. Exporters must identify all goods being exported, and vouch that they are also legally admissible at the country of final destination
  3. If the goods are in some way controlled, regulated, or prohibited, a permit may be required.  Argo Customs may be able to help in securing required documentation.
  4. The export declaration must include the appropriate export code for the goods.  This can be determined manually via the Canadian Customs Calculator, or Argo Customs can assist in the determination.
  5. The method of shipment (air, rail, highway, etc.) must be reported, along with an expected timeframe for the shipment.
  6. With these pieces of information, Argo Customs can then complete and submit the declaration.   In some situations, declarations may not be necessary – Argo can assist in determining these situations and ensuring proper labeling.
  7. Argo Customs can directly utilize CERS to finish the declaration on your behalf, making it easier than ever to complete shipments.

ARGO Customs is excited to be able to bring this new service to its customers. CERS will make exports faster and more reliable, as well as gathering vital data to help the Canada Border Services Agency provide better service in the future.  Any Canadian exporters are advised to contact a broker like Argo Customs for assistance in setting up their shipments.

About ARGO Customs

ARGO Customs employs exports in global imports and exports to provide the smoothest possible experience when moving goods in and out of Canada.  They can handle even complicated shipping situations while minimizing any bureaucratic problems and avoiding costly violations.  Argo Customs saves shippers time and money whenever moving goods across the Canadian border.

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