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Non-commercial snowmobile, utility, or boat trailers are specifically excluded in the text of tariff item 8719.39.30, and are properly classified under tariff item No. 8716.39.90. They are designed and marketed for personal, household, and/or recreational applications, to be towed by means of a bumper hitch attached to a passenger vehicle or a light pickup truck. Most units have one or two axles.

  In general, gooseneck models are not considered to be non-commercial. However, some gooseneck models may qualify as non-commercial trailers, depending on other design characteristics. Such units would have to be designed to be towed only by a pickup truck equipped with a fifth-wheel adapter system.

 The following references to maximum length and carrying capacity should not be interpreted as being absolute criteria. Depending on other design factors, units exceeding these specifications may still qualify as non-commercial trailers.

 In tariff 8716.39.30, the qualifier “non-commercial” does not apply to trailers intended as permanent mountings for machinery or equipment. Such trailers remain classified in that tariff item whether they are commercial or non-commercial.